Four death camps in two days – Majdanek, Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka

Day 1

We start our journey in Lublin, with a visit state museum in Majdanek, former German concentration and extermination camp. From Majdanek we will go to Bełżec to visit the state museum dedicated to one of the greatest crimes the Germans committed during the Second World War, murdering 500 000 Jews in the camp. 


Return to Lublin.

Time about 9 hours.

Total price for a 2 days trip (per RUN): 1-4 persons – 1900 PLN, 5-8 persons – 3000 PLN



Day 2

Start from your hotel in Lublin.

We will go to Museum in Sobibór. The German extermination camp in Sobibór was established at the turn of April and May 1942, as the second, after Bełżec, center for the extermination of Jews as part of „Aktion Reinhardt”. The decision to build it was probably at the end of October 1941, in connection with the planned extermination of Jews in the General Government and the deportation of thousands of Jews from Slovakia to the Lublin district.

Next we will go to Museum in Treblinka. The Treblinka II extermination camp was built by the Germans in mid-1942 next to the existing labor camp nearby. It was created as part of „Reinhard Action”, aimed at the physical liquidation of the Jewish population. He occupied 17 ha of land. It was surrounded by a high barbed wire fence. The crew consisted of 30-40 Germans and Austrians, who managed the camp and the company of guards, about 100-120 people, mainly of Ukrainian origin. The doctor of the camp was appointed medicine doctor Irmfried Eberl, after him Franz Stangl took the position, the deputy commander was Kurt Franz.

Return to Lublin.

Time about 10 hours.

Total price for a 2 days trip: 1-4 persons – 1700 PLN, 5-8 persons – 2500 PLN.


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