Three death camps in one day – Majdanek, Bełżec, Sobibór.

Trip from Lublin to Majdanek, Bełżec (Belzec) and Sobibór (Sobibor)  – German Nazi Death Camps. This private limousine tour is intended primarily for people interested history of Holocaust, the destinations being some of the most notorious places of the nazi-genocide.

Time about 10 hours. Total price for a trip: 1-4 persons  – 800 PLN, 5-8 persons – 1300 PLN.

We start our journey with a visit to Majdanek, former contrencation camp. From Majdanek we will go to death camp in Belzec, where about half a million victims were murdered. We will visit a muzeum devoted to the history of the camp.  Sobibor was established by Germans in 1942 and approximately 170 000 people were murdered there. Return to Lublin.Time about 10 hours.



I am licensed guide and experienced driver, I speak English.  All trips are by my car. Prices includes transport by car and professional guide service. Those trips start from Lublin. Door to door.

You can order the trip to the any place in Lublin Region, Poland or Eastern Europe.

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