Two death camps in one day – Bełżec, Sobibór.

Trip from Lublin to Bełżec (Belzec) and Sobibór (Sobibor)  – German Nazi Death Camps. This private limousine tour is intended primarily for people interested history of Holocaust, the destinations being some of the most notorious places of the nazi-genocide.

Time about 10 hours. Total price per RUN: 1-4 persons  – 900 PLN, 5-8 persons – 1400 PLN.

We will meet at your hotel, from where we will go first to Museum in Bełżec. The German extermination camp in Bełżec was a center for the extermination of the Jewish population, in which from March to December 1942, about 500,000 people were murdered, mainly Jews from Poland, but also from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The first transport to the death camp in Bełżec arrived on March 17, 1942. This date is also the beginning of „Aktion Reinhardt,” an operation aimed at deporting, exterminating and plundering the property of Jews from the General Government. The Bełżec camp was the first of three such centers. This include here the Nazis tested various methods of mass killing, later stipulated in Treblinka and Sobibór.

Then we will go to the next Museum in Sobibór. The German extermination camp in Sobibór was established at the turn of April and May 1942, as the second, after Bełżec, center for the extermination of Jews as part of „Aktion Reinhardt”. The decision to build it was probably at the end of October 1941, in connection with the planned extermination of Jews in the General Government and the deportation of thousands of Jews from Slovakia to the Lublin district.

We will return to Lublin in the late afternoon.

Distance 430 km. Time about 10 hours.


I am licensed guide and experienced driver, I speak English. Price include: professional guide service, transport with my car, door to door, water and Polish apples :). 

You can order the trip to the any place in Lublin Region, Poland and Eastern Europe.

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