Two death camps in one day – Bełżec, Sobibór.

Trip from Lublin to Bełżec (Belzec) and Sobibór (Sobibor)  – German Nazi Death Camps. This private limousine tour is intended primarily for people interested history of Holocaust, the destinations being some of the most notorious places of the nazi-genocide.

Time about 10 hours. Total price per RUN: 1-4 persons  – 900 PLN, 5-8 persons – 1400 PLN.

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Lublin-Bełżec-Lublin Tour

The German death camp in Bełżec was a centre of extermination for the Jewish people. From March to December 1942 about 450 thousand people were murdered there, most of whom were Polish Jews as well as the Jewish deportees from Germany, Austria, Czechia and Slovakia.

The date of the first deportations to Bełżec, 17 March 1942, corresponds to the beginning of operation „Reinhardt” – its aim was the extermination of Jews from the General Government and the plunder of their property. The camp in Bełżec was the first of the three killing centres established within the course of „Einsatz Reinhardt.” It was a place where the Nazis conducted different experiments aiming at devloping the most efficient methods of mass murder. The decision to launch operation „Reinhardt” and to build the camp was most probably taken during the conference of October 13, 1941 in Hitler’s headquarters called Wolf’s Lair near Kętrzyn in East Prussia. Apart from Heinrich Himmler, SS and Police commanding officers in the General Government took part in it. One of them was the commander of the SS and police forces in the Lublin district Odilo Globocnik, who was to supervise the death camp in Bełżec.

Time about 6-7 hours. Total price per RUN: 1-4 persons  – 800 PLN, 5-8 persons – 1500 PLN.



Lublin-Sobibór-Lublin Tour

A several-hour trip from Lublin to the Sobibor Museum where you will learn about the tragic history of the place.

In October 2020, the permanent exhibition “SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor. German Death Camp 1942–1943” was opened. The expostion consists of 16 thematic panels and strives to present the history of the death camp in Sobibór, taking into account the fate of individual victims in the broad context of the operation of the Nazi apparatus for the extermination of Jews in Poland and Europe. Iconographic materials comprise almost a hundred photographs and documents. The central part of the exhibition space is a 25-metre showcase with 700 objects discovered during archaeological excavations that have been going on since 2000. They mainly include personal items belonging to the victims, such as: jewellery, keys, glasses, fragments of clothes, stationery. Most of them remain anonymous. In terms of the means used, the permanent exhibition is characterised by diversity, as both analogue and multimedia forms can be found there. They are intended to encourage the viewer to explore, contemplate and interpret the historical place.

Time about 6-7 hours. Total price per RUN: 1-4 persons  – 700 PLN, 5-8 persons – 1400 PLN.



Four death camps in two days – Majdanek, Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka

Day 1

We start our journey in Lublin, with a visit state museum in Majdanek, former German concentration and extermination camp. From Majdanek we will go to Bełżec to visit the state museum dedicated to one of the greatest crimes the Germans committed during the Second World War, murdering 500 000 Jews in the camp. 


Return to Lublin.

Time about 9 hours.

Total price for a 2 days trip (per RUN): 1-4 persons – 1900 PLN, 5-8 persons – 3000 PLN

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The best of Lublin Region – Zamosc and Kazimierz Dolny

During one day trip we visit two most beautiful places in the Lublin Region – Zamosc and Kazimierz Dolny

We start in Lublin. First we will visit Zamosc – Ideal Town. The town is surrounded by Renaissance fortifications with mighty bastions. The tenement houses in the Old Town were all built in the Renaissance style and the Cathedral belongs to the greatest works of Renaissance architecture. Zamosc is a crowning achievement of Renaissance urban planning and belongs to the most magnificent ensembles in the world, it is a pearl. After we will go to the beautiful Kazimierz Dolny, small, beautifully situated town on the Vistula River. Kazimierz is a favorite with artists, tourists and people who are looking for amazing experiences.

Time  about 8 hours. Total price for a trip: 1-4 persons – 900 PLN, 5-8 persons 1500 PLN. 

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